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EAB from The Bronx, NY L-Lysine (an amino acid) for cold sores is the best, I got the tip from a gal who worked in the Vitamin Shoppe. As soon as I start to feel it begin I load up on 1500mgs first then at least 500mg three times a day. If you can find the capsules break one open and keep in a small container and dip a clean wet Q-tip or your finger into the powder and apply directly to the area and let it dry- do not double dip and keep the rest for re applying do this as much as possible. Do not use anything that keeps the cold sore moist the idea is to dry it out. The over the counter all keep the sore moist. Drink everything through a straw and do not reuse the straw. Do not kiss or touch anything with it since it is contagious- keep utensils separate or use plastic and dispose, wash towels and face cloths separately and do not use chap stick, lipstick or gloss on it. Drink plenty of water since it may have a drying effect and your hands may become dry. If I catch it in time- the area only becomes red and slightly raised and a sore never appears. Keep track of them since it can be pre-menstrual and stress related. You can take it every day as a preventative in 500mgs once a day. (It is also good for shingles and in helping the absorption of calcium for those with osteoporosis.) Do not waste the time or money on anything else!

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