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I have tried everything for my anal skin tag! I just recently bought tag away off of amazon to attempt do it yourself ligation a 3rd time. The first 2 times it was done with floss, and it was a disaster. 8 would highly recommend buying this instead of using the floss. It makes it much easier. Anyway, my boyfriend helped me get the band on there and for the first 2 days it hurt bad. On the 3rd day it turned black. Then the rubber band fell off.. Inot happy at all about that. The skin underneath is so flared up that I can't even put another rubber band on it. So I am resorting to tea tree oil now to hopefully keep killing the thing. It's still dark black but not dried up yet. Will keep updated in comments

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So tea tree oil doesn't help me. It actually mad it even more flared up and I started to form another hemorrhoid. I am going to wait a couple days and then band it again closer to the base.


Having had these I can tell you now stop wasting your time with lotions and pations. The only thing that is going to get rid of these are surgery. I put this off for ages and finally Friday I went. I was given a general anesthetic and before I knew it I was awake. Having heard stories about how much it hurt afterwards I was surprised that actually it didn't hurt at all. You will feel tender the for a couple days after, but already I feel better. The difficult part is going to the toilet after. Take my advice and get referred to a surgeon.

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