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Victory Over Ring Worm

I was infected with ringworm on my groin area. For several weeks I took it as usual itching but one night I rubbed it vehemently and when I saw it in the morning it scared the hell out of me. It was spreading over the weeks and I didn't bother to have a look.

I bought Betnovate Cream (Betamethasone) and applied for a couple of days. It didn't work. Then I started digging into the solution very seriously.I shall put down what did I do to kill ring worm.

First and the most important thing to do is keep the infected area completely dry. Moisture is ringworm's friend and together they invite itching to the party. For that I used a prickly heat powder with cooling effect and I bought Ring Guard - In India (Miconazole Nitrate). After shower I would apply a generous coat over enemies. It would feel very good. A couple of days I could see Rign Worm dying and I could see my skin.

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