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I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome on and off for about 22 years. My legs tend to feel like they have the flu - achy. It has been so bad that I can wake up crying. But then it will go away for so long that I forget I ever had it. A couple of years ago my chiropractor retired and I went to a new one with the chief complaint of RLS. He treated me for about a month and the RLS was gone. Coincidence? Then I moved to another state and although I have a new chiropractor I don't think he is nearly as good as the old one. The RSL got to be worse than ever!!!! My only salvation was that Advil gave me relief. But taking 8 Advil to make it through the night can't be good for you. So, I was again out of state and went to a different chiropractor and again the RLS is almost totally gone after 2 weeks. Coincidence? I don't think so.

So, my advice is:

1. Get a good recommendation for a chiropractor.

2. Don't go to one who uses a 'drop table.' A drop table is kind of a wimpy way to go.

3. Give it a few weeks.

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Be careful with the chiropractic, don't let them do your neck! I suffered a chiropractic induced stroke because of it. I will never go back to another.


What did your chiropractors do in session to help with your RLS symptoms?

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