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Tronolane white cream me it's the best medication for chigger bites bar none...I tried Sarna, and many other meds but this product contains a nerve numbing agent called pramoine hydrocholoride 1\\ really does numb and reliably removes the intense's a hemmoridal cream but it does the best job of relieving chigger bite and mosquito bite itching.

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I recently figured out that we had brought chiggers into our camper, onto our mattress. Yea, I woke up at 330 in the morning itching like crazy!! I tried creams, anti-itch name it. I couldn't sleep more than a few hours. I read something about apple cider vinegar baths. This is the stuff you works. 10-15 minutes in a hot bath with 2 cups or more of apple cider vinegar and you can go 10-12 hours with no itching. Seriously, that long. It's amazing. I wish it would help clear up the bites a little faster but those things will go away on their own I suppose as long as I can get the itching to go away I don't care! APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! IT WORKS!!!!


If the bites are on your feet and ankles and driving you crazy, rub vigorously with a wet towel. Then rinse under cold water. Soak your socks in cold water and put on your feet. The rubbing cleans off crusty formations and allows the bites to weep. It also feels good! The cold water stops the itch and the wet sock keeps your foot cold and further inhibits itching. Also, take benadryl which will kick in after socks dry and you won't itch anymore.

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