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Stuff chopped Panadol into your tooth

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Do not put any chopped up drug in your mouth/teeth, it will cause severe ulcerations and the acidity of the panadol will cause the tooth to demineralise and wear down.


Honestly if your already at the point where your desperate enough to do this, do the side effects really matter? Just do it.


I have a friend who HATES any mention of dentist", and he has little money as backyard mechanic who charges 1/3 $$$$ of anyone else, but great guy, plus his work is excellent as only9th grade drop out. He had dilapidated teeth which were ABSOLUTELY CAUSING HIM TO FALL TO KNEES EACH HOUR. The rotted teeth are still embedded into his gums below gum line.

The NERVE PAIN was horrendous approx. 12 yrs ago or 2001,,,

NOTE: This is a story of what he told me, and one should always consult a medical professional for such Nerve trauma/pain and NOT do this yourself at ALL!!!

He use to work on a farm in NE usa, and the farmer offered him a solution used on the farm called (Perigortin) or similar spelling. Don't know if still available!!?? Anyway he rubbed some of the solution on his gum to quell the knee falling, tear jerking nerve pain, and EVER SINCE HAS HAD ZERO ISSUES WITH EXPOSED TYPE NERVE PAIN!!! 16 years later, and one canview the rotted teeth still embedded into his gums,, It works, he's been gum nerve pain free for 14 years,,,, Story from him to me,, I see the results too!! A bit rubbed on his gum eliminated all his pain completely. Don't know long term effects, but he's happy, working fine pain free, and living w/o that devastating b=-nerve pain with the suggestion of a farmer.


VANILLA EXTRACT ! I have had a cracked tooth for months and suddenly the pain just started throbbing directly on the nerve just going straight through my face and making my ears, other teeth, nose, eye, and cheek kill me ! I thought please dont let this be another trip to the E.R ! I read a bunch of online articles and when I saw vanilla extract I was skeptical! But I was desperate so I soaked a q tip and rubbed it all around my gum and tooth. It almost felt like an orajel but no where as strong. It did have a slight numbing factor. I did this, it helped at first, then the pain started to come back within 5 minutes or so...i just kept doing it every 5 minutes or so for like a half hour. I had already taken a motrin 800 which was helping but not entirely. But after the vanilla extract went on I was able to eat and feel comfortable for the rest of the evening with no additional pain meds. I was sure not to chew on that side, but i even had a soda with my meal !!!!! I wish I had heard about this years ago!

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