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Make a decoction of coriander seeds. The website I got the info from says 10 grams in 1 liter of water, but I personally just eyeball it.

Anyways, gargle the decoction as needed. It won't take all the pain away but it will make it manageable. You may have to constantly gargleā€”I have to do so about every 5-15 min dep. on the severity of the pain, but most other things I try do absolutely nothing or only work for a few seconds or less than 5 min.

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So I didn't have cloves or clove oil or onions or garlic and the salt water did not work. My pain was unbearable and I had to wait a whole week for my root canal. Sometimes I went the whole night without sleeping. However this stopped when my mom bought a huge pack of halls cough drops. Put one or two in your mouth and let it dissolve until it is just your hall flavored saliva. Swish it around if need be but it should ultimately smooth your pain where the toothache is.

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