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My tooth and mouth are in PAIN!

I don't have a remedy, I had a question actually. My wisdom tooth is chipped not even that bad but the pain is getting bad, it feels like it wants to fall out of my mouth but the tooth is in there good. I have used pain relievers and oragel but now it doesn't seem to work it would work within the hour, now it's been about 2hrs and it's still bothering me I can't even eat and I'm pregnant. I am so afraid to even try and touch the tooth because it will hurt, certain remedies require to touch it but I am so scared I hate this pain! I didn't even touch the tooth but the gum near it and it started hurting I finally made a doctor apt but it's not until next week. I really don't know what to do about this I am literally going crazy over this!

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Billy Michener

My fiance has multiple broken teeth and was pregnant when the same thing happened a while back. Read it all even though ita long. Very important info that hopefully will help. While pregnant especially your teeth will get worse because of the baby stealing all the calcium from you. I do not know what doctor you will be seeing but, your obgyn can help possibly faster because if you can't eat the baby can't eat. They will be able to help you with pain medicine as well because they know what is safe for you more then other doctors while pregnant. I personally think it's one of a couple things. One of then could be a nerve exposed. I doubt it because it's been that way for a while but it could have gotten worse and you didn't know. Two what is most likely the problem with just what you said and me not being able to see it, is that you have an abscess on that tooth. Abscesses can be under a tooth but the pressure is really bad and hurts. Or with the gum even being terribly sensitive ita next to the tooth against the gum or a little lower. A dentist can't do much until the infection is gone. Anyone you go to including obgyn will most likely give you Amoxicillin. Because of you being pregnant, most doctors won't give you anything else and if they do it would only be tylonal 3 or 4 which has codeine. You should see your obgyn and ask for an emergency appointment because of how much pain you are in. If you can't make it to the appointment to get antibiotics (most likely what you will get) go to the hospital. They will help you and you should be in and out pretty quick depending on how busy they are. A dentist can't do more then that and maybe pain medicine because while you have an infection it can not be pulled, but you NEED to get it pulled. Being pregnant, if you don't already have insurance get free Medicaid insurance and as soon as you have it and you finish the antibiotics go get it pulled. It depends how far along you are though. First trimester they won't pull a tooth if they have to put you out. With wisdom tooth they usually do. But 2ND and thirty usually they will if you aren't high risk. If they won't because they are worried or you are high risk as soon as baby is born get it out. Medicaid is good for 2 months after the baby is born. Hope this helps.


I went to see a dentist to pull out my wisdom tooth but it was too hard and it could not t come out instead it broke so the dentist adviced me to come back 5 days later so he.can do a surgeon. After the anaesthetic wears off the pain is excruciating and I am swollen, will it help if I go back to the dentist to rather fill it instead. How do I get the.paid. bearable, I was prescribed antibiotics and pain killers but they seem not o work, any home remedy I can use to ease the pain?


I have severe teeth issues. Mostly due to my wisdom teeth. As they came in more and more, it broke the teeth around them progressively as my small mouth was trying to make room. I've been to the dentist twice in 20 years, both estimates of cost around $40,000 to do my whole mouth and all its issues. I have no resources to get that much money, so I just suffer through the pain and am thankful for the days when it's not bad I take a course of fishmox when I feel the infection flaring up,500mg every 8 hours for 14 days. but the exposed nerve in my one back wisdom tooth, which is mostly all broken, tears me up sometimes... A combo of icy hot on the outside of my cheek, chloroseptic and swish around about every 2 hours, Tylenol PM to help get through the rough night's, and Tylenol rapid release throughout the day works for me until the flare up subsides... I have found that orajel makes the pain worse, anbesol only gives about 30mins of relief. . Teabags, garlic, none of those ever worked for me. Good luck, and if you can, get to a dentist. .


I have a cracked toothe with the root of the tooth sticking out of the top of my cracked tooth...if that makes sense.It is loose & painful.I have no dental insurance & need a home remedy on how to get this out.Im twisting it & turning it with my finger but it is s strong root.Anyone with suggestions?I have been rinsing with warm salt water.


Dear Anonymous and the other sufferers of tooth pain, listed above:

I hope you all are doing much better by now. Isn't it sad that we waste billions of dollars on treating illegal aliens;in financial aide to other countries; however, we can't provide dental care for our people that's affordable. I realize that there has to be some cost or people would run to the Dentist for anything. Yet, dental health is critical, because, it directly affects our overall health and has and will be the cause of many deaths, strokes, brain damage and other debilitating diseases or illnesses. Bad teeth can damage your heart and most people don't even know that. My wife's aunt suddenly became ill and died from an infection that spread from her teeth to her heart. I am certain that adequate dental care would save money, due to the health issues it would prevent. Treating heart disease/damage is very expensive.

One can go to Thailand, which has awesome dental care and get all inplants, with the best stuff, for anywhere between $5K and $15K, depending on the quality and the about of surgical preparations. In the US, that same implants can cost around $50K. The Democrats have stacked one cost after another on every business, from ridiculous regulations to fees for everything one can imagine. Then, there's the small crowd that makes things worse for all of us, with their mooching and frivolous lawsuits.

I fell from 12', landing on the corner of a steel desk drawer, breaking my back in three places, 2 ribs, punctured and collapsed right lung, bruised my heart, broken jaw, knocked two crowns off of back teeth, broke lose 3 fillings and cracked 6 teeth. So, I have numerous teeth work exposed roots. I was hospitalized for several weeks, due to the broken bones, lung and great issues. My mouth hurt, but, it was bearable. I figured I'd deal with it later. Well, after being released, I went to see my Dentist. She was shocked that I had so much damage to my teeth and hasn't been screaming in pain. I had to have surgery to remove a tooth that was involved in my jaw fracture. That went ok, but, 5 days later, while watching TV, everyone one of those cracked teeth, the exposed teeth that had crowns knocked off and where I had the surgery on my jaw, went off the charts, all of a sudden and the pain was unreal. My broken back hurt like hell, but, this pain had been unbearable. I would actually be ok with dying, right now, to stop it and that's no BS and I have a lot to live for. Several of the teeth gave nerves roots that penetrate my sinus cavities. Well, as you can imagine, my sinuses and eye hurt like hell and the entire side of my head is killing me.


Coconut oil 20 minutes pain gone!!!!


I have had same problem, broken tooth with exposed nerve is excruciating pain.

I found if I put a few drops of GSE (Grapefruit seed extract in glycerin found at most health food stores)on the tooth with a toothbrush, it will cut the pain and clean bacteria. Then dry the entire area, surround with cotton then put a few drops of super glue to coat the crack. Let dry before removing cotton. Provides a seal until you can get to a dentist.

Make sure tooth is cleaned and thoroughly dry, I used hair dryer before glue.

I worked for me, twice now. Hope you find relief.

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