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Unfortunately ladies BV has taken over our lives and I had found it hard to believe there is little research done to help us with such a horrifying experience. I also had a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact these doctors kept giving me the same darn medication that wasn't working at ALL! I had BV once when I was 18 due to getting strep throat and having to take a strong dose of antibiotics. I first got a yeast infection, after using the cream, It caused me to have my first experience of BV! Scared out of my mind, my mother filled me in and I got medication for it. It worked for me and I never had a problem until a year ago. My horror story started after I had surgery and was given antibiotics for so long it caused me to get BV. Long story short I got BV so bad, my boyfriend got a red rash and had to be put on metronidazole as well. While his went away, of course mine didn't. I took metronidazole pills so many time, the gel twice and I hated it, almost made it worse. I also took Clindamycin I think it was and it always came back. I then looked up remedies to try like; hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, different probiotics, different vitamins, coconut oil and tea tree oil. While some things made it feel cleaner nothing worked. Every time the BV came back it was different. The discharge, the smell and even the feeling was always different. Finally, I was brave enough to try Boric Acid, I decided to order it on Amazon and make the capsules myself. I won't deny I was nervous to insert it, I did it once a night for 7 days. I noticed right away it working but still didn't want to get my hopes up. Only discharge I had was the pill in the morning. Finally I felt good enough to stop doing it, all the research I did said different things, I felt 7 days was good for me. It's been over a month, I even had my period and no BV! Once in awhile I will put one in after sex but it's been a week since I've even done that. I know it doesn't sound like a long time but when nothing works and something does, you just know!!!! My advice to all you ladies who are so depressed and embarrassed because we are being grouped as "girls who aren't clean" screw those people who don't understand and find what works for you. It's true, what worked for some won't work for others. I was about to give up when I came across the Broic Acid and it happened to be the key for my body. Good luck! Don't give up and don't let anyone bring you down! We have to stick together. Much love

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