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I'm really at my wits end, after my pregnancy I have been left with what can only be described as a massive skin tag. My doctor shrugged it off and said wouldn't do anything. I tried to tie off with dental floss but it was agony and had to cut it off with great difficulty as it was so tight. I purchased the cone (medium to large) online with the band but despite this being large I couldn't get my skin tag into it. Even with help I wouldn't (not that I have asked anyone) I a single mum and recently met someone but I'm terrified of the prospect of taking things further as I know he will see/feel it. It is depressing me and stressing me and making me so self conscious. I have visions of me being alone the rest of my life because of the stupid ugly thing! HELP PLEASE!!

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I feel your pain. Had been dealing with post hemroid skintags for years..... I was waiting until I was finished having kids before doing anything about it. I had a referal sent to a specialist in march and I still dont have a appointment yet!!

Well, after obsessing and reading reviews online.... surgery seems terrifying and high chance of complications.

I read two particular experiences on this thread and decided to take things into my own hands. Literraly yesterday. I just did it. It looks Amazing already !

I used a little emla numbing cream.

Sanitized skin and cuticle trimmers*

Grabbed the skin flap and just started cutting. It will bleed so make sure you have gauze.

Once done, I covered it with polysporin packed my butt with gauze. Yes it bled for a few hours, but pain level was maybe 3/10.

Feels like a little paper cut.

Super proud it looks like nothing was ever there.

I have one more, and will use this method again in a week!

I am no doctor by any means... this is my experience and just wanted to share :)


Where can you purchase the numbing cream? It's called Emla?


Yes emla. Im in Canada and we can get it from almost any pharmacy. Ask a pharmasist.

The cream is often used to numb skin before tatoos or mine was a kit for baby circumscision lol


When you cut it was the openning big and for how long did you bleed?


I've tucked them back in before having sex. Mine are the size of a nickel.


I was told the waitlist for surgery is 2 years... I think I will try cutting mine off myself... any other tips or experiences before I do?


there is no cream out there alone you can use. Thought i saw some. Thus tying n cutting??Dr s say dont worry about it is strange

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