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So happy I found this. 17 year Crohn's guy with multiple occurrences of these. 38 now, and just got my latest one. It being internal (no channel to skin) I didn't know if it would work but the Turmeric paste got it to pop within 48 hours. Very impressed

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So it just drew the abscess to the surface?

The peri rectal abscess I have (3d time), just drained yesterday by itself, after I took a very hot tub. But I had a small surgery + draining 2 weeks ago, to see if I have a fistula (I have a recto-vaginal fistula connecting to a tear I got when giving birth) it turns out and I need a bigger surgery). Currently my doctor switched my antibiotics since last ones stopped working but I'm still super happy because it actually drained by itself, out of the semi healed over incision. Before it would be inaccessible from outside. That's why Im wondering how did it break the skin in your case? My original one that is gone now, was about an inch away, into my left buttock and I can't imagine it drawing a whole inch closer and breaking the skin?

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