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BV can be so annoying. It causes an irritating discharge with fishy odor. I know how frustrating it is trying almost everything but still having recurrent BV, It's can be so annoying.

I cured my BV with Coconut oil, black seed oil, garlic, fenugreek oil with aloe vera. Try soaking a tampon with coconutoil and insert inside your Vagina when going to bed (do this 7days or 14days)injest two tablespoons of cold pressed coconutoil first thing in the morning and before bed time. One tea spoon of black seed oil once a day,I take mine first thing in the morning with coconutoil and fenugreek oil. (for fenugreek oil, one teaspoon of it in a little warm water and drink in the morning. 2 cloves of fresh garlic... chew or smash and swallow with water (for me I don't chew, I peel and slice the garlic cloves into tiny pieces and swallow with warm water) I do it last in the night with my pressed coconut oil with aloevera.

As a matter of fact, the first few days you start this remedy, you will notice your BV clearing up. Do this for a period of time to make sure your BV is completely gone. It's 100\\% natural and safe.

Thank me later.

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