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Does anyone have experience with recurrences? Mine pops alright with the turmeric paste, but its come back every damn time. Should i just keep putting it on every day or something?

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In my case, anytime it keeps coming back I generally have a fistula that keeps feeding it. I haven't found anything alternative that can close a fistula yet, I've had a few surgeries over the past 5 years to close those, varying success levels. 18 year Crohns patient.


know what kind of pain you all are facing , I just want to give u a better adive as per the treatment of this pain, there is no need for surgery or any kind of treatment which leads u to more pain, i read on most of the sites n everyone is showing a different way of treatment, it can make ur pain worst n uncureable.

u just need only 3 things to get ride from this pain, OK there is the treatment with little effort , pick one onion and mustard oil , chop the onion from mid like this ) and again one or two small pieces like this ))) and put them on a fripan with mustard oil, make a little heat beneath fripan, to give a little redish shape to onion, and put this onion with the help of little bandage on place of pain, and move to ur bed , and when u getup in the morning u see the results.

In this way it can drag all pus in one pin point place which can help to prevent further problems and effectiveness od onion make ur body to recover soon, I know it's difficult to believe on different treatment ways, but believe it really help u all, and give u relive from pain forever. This is the oldest way of treatment in over village and believe me it really help me.



I have a perianal cyst. The doctor gave me antibiotic and some strong pain killer. The infection is gone but still feel the bump because it never exploded. I went to a surgeon and wants to operate me and is this Tuesday but I don't want to be operated. What can I do to heal naturally. ????


Hi All.

Try the bottle technique! It worked straight away for me.

I've had an abscess near my anal passage for a week now, I couldn't walk, sit down or sleep as it was just too painful. After extensive research on it I decided to take a different approach and try the bottle technique that I had found, I just tried it then and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

Here's what you do....

Take a hot bath, soak in it for 30mins, this will help draw the boil to the top and soften the skin.

Then, get a vodka cruiser bottle or beer bottle and empty the contents. Make sure you wash it thoroughly with soapy water.

Boil the kettle and fill the bottle to the top. Let the hot water heat the bottle up for a couple of mins.

Empty the bottle using a tea towel, don't burn yourself.

Apply the top opening of bottle over the abscess, zit, boil whatever you may have and let the bottle do the rest!!! INSTANT RELIEF! The heat will draw out the gunk and you will feel a slight suction and burning but OMG Peeps, Amazing!

I'm in bed now ready for a good night sleep!

Hope this helps

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