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Wife of sufferer.

After 24 hours of the turmeric, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda it busted. This works! I can't believe how well.

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David D.

On the anal skin side or on the skin side?

I want to try this but don't want to make a fistula.

Wife of sufferer.

On the outside. Just put it on gauze and place the gauze over the area and go to bed. Make sure the qauze stays in place. He folded it and used tight underwear. It is messy so a maxipad in underwear might save your sheets. A hot bath afterwards will help it open up and drain.

Wife of sufferer.

Before we used this he already had swelling. You could see the abscess and feel it under the skin. He is going in for surgery today. We don't know if it is a fissure or not. His surgeon is going to find out. I highly recommend going to a Dr. asap. Get antibiotics. If you are concerned ask your physician. This was not his first so we knew what was happening. It just continues to fill up and gets more painful.


Hi, im 23 years and and am currently experiencing my 3rd anal abscess. i tried the remedy last night as per the sept 25 post and this morning the peasize ball is still there. The area around where i applied the poultice is stinging, like a rash, while it did provide some relief, im a little worried about the stinging. Is this normal?


What is the mixture for this paste? Thank you! This is like my 4th one. I'm 20! My doctor has given me antibiotics each time this time it's so painful I can't get out of bed I'll try anything. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow!


The mixture is at the end of the page and it totally works. I've gotten many of these over the years and it's the first home remedy that's worked, it's been every other time. It also stings for me when I put it on, but it gets better as it drains/ gets smaller. Mine was also internal (it was right there at the skin bit no drainage point) and it worked within 48 hours


Yours must have been close to the top obviously you had different abscess than the rest of us there is 4 types and depth of each varies from next im on day 2 6 times a day applying and nothing happens only thing i can see is swelling is down but that can be from 17k pills i took over past week for pain for inflamation and my is size of pear


I know what kind of pain you all are facing , I just want to give u a better adive as per the treatment of this pain, there is no need for surgery or any kind of treatment which leads u to more pain, i read on most of the sites n everyone is showing a different way of treatment, it can make ur pain worst n uncureable.

u just need only 3 things to get ride from this pain, OK there is the treatment with little effort , pick one onion and mustard oil , chop the onion from mid like this ) and again one or two small pieces like this ))) and put them on a fripan with mustard oil, make a little heat beneath fripan, to give a little redish shape to onion, and put this onion with the help of little bandage on place of pain, and move to ur bed , and when u getup in the morning u see the results.

In this way it can drag all pus in one pin point place which can help to prevent further problems and effectiveness od onion make ur body to recover soon, I know it's difficult to believe on different treatment ways, but believe it really help u all, and give u relive from pain forever. This is the oldest way of treatment in over village and believe me it really help me.

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