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I'm just here to give my contribuition to all of you. I'am a 24 year old female and I had genital warts since I got my HPV shot (Gardasil) when I was 15.

First, only one came up and was really small, I never thought it was a wart. Since then, thereafter others appeared and I didn't knew what to do because I was ashamed. I did every year the papsmear test and no HPV in my system they said, I didn't wanted to insist on the problem and blame the vaccine since the medical community can be very protective on the pharmaceutical industry.

So I decided to treat me at home with some natural remedies I saw on the internet. As some of you, I tried the ductape and the banana method and some oils I heard about. I can say that none of these worked for me and I needed to be more agressive so as the vĂ­rus was.

I took off little bits of the warts with scissors and then disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and Povidone-iodine (Betadine). I did this two times and I can assure you I have no warts since then, they are completely gone!

If you try this, make sure the scissors are disinfected and you regularly clean the area with hydrogen peroxide. If it is gona hurt? Yes, a little bit and it may seem that the warts go bigger, but in the next day they will be much much smaller. You should wait a day or two in between and then repeat the method.

Also, and this is very importante: stop shaving! I just do my bikini line, and I trim the rest of my pubic hair. This way I keep myself clean and I am wart free since then.

Sorry, but english is not my native tongue.

I hope I've been helpful.

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Omgoodness. I got my warts within 12 hours if the shot. They said I could have had another form of wart virus in my body and the gardasil forced them out. I guess we will see in a month when I get the second shot. I had tons of warts. It was crazy and disheartening. Literally covered with them the day after the shot. My glands around my vagina start swelling as it was trying so hard to fight the warts and the vaccine.

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