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This is the answer!! Haha!!

I had my first one of these nasty buggers two years ago. Like a couple of the other guys I stumbled around a week or so think8ng I had hemroids or ass cancer. Ince the pain became blinding I went to the doctor. The doctor lanced it because I begged him to. He wanted to send me to a specialist. That surgery used only local anesthesia and was extremely painful. Ince it was drained I was good.

About a week ago another one of these bastards popped up. I knew what it was and went straight to the doc. Too small to lance so he sent me home with a script for cream and antibiotics. After two days of antibiotics and cream I was in pain, extreme pain, only peiple whonhave had these things know this pain!

Anyway, 48 hours of Tumwric/tea tree oil/ coconut oil/baking soda I am pain free the abscess is almost drained.

This works

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Guy in Pain

Does the abscess drain from the skin side or from the anal skin? If it is from the ski side, I'm concerned that I will create a fistula. Please help.


Its a coin toss on fistula creation not ever abscess creates it on every person i did some digging and found pdf format file that is suppose to be guidelines for the doctor treating patients with abscesses and thats what was said in one paragraph. I myself am also a victim for the second time as im writing this ,first one was on right side now its on left and in both cases i did something to make it pop intetnaly cause i felt pain releif and also left side swelling is 3x the swelling of right side my whole left side is huuuuuuge i aplied this paste yesterday 4 times in 24 hrs and nothing just to remind you that i used this paste on right side and poped next day ,so here it is day 2 i gota go to work for 12 hrs and im in so much pain cant even stand no insurance btw


When you say tumeric, tea tree baking soda do you mean as a paste?


What was the aftermath

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