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All I can day is thank you whoever made this site. I'm on day 4 of intense exposed nerve pain from two different teeth on my left side. On being a lower left molar and the other a top molar. Now I'm a very pain tolerant person. Hell I broke my left arm as a teenager without so much as a tear, but this nerve pain is a whole other beast. I have been unable to sleep or eat much of anything the past couple days over it. So far the warm water, garlic, salt, and pepper mixture has helped ease the pain down to about a 5. Now I'm drinking some warm lightly sweetened green tea with cinnamon and a couple ibuprofen liquid gels emptied into it. The pain is a lot less than it was, but not out of the storm yet.

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Clove oil on a small piece of cotton stuck inside the tooth. Leave in or as close to it as possible for as long as you can stand it. It tastes bad, burns and makes you drool. Don't swallow. About thirty minutes and the horrible sharp pain disappears. It's about 28 dollars for pure clove oil at cvs. It's worth it.


I have a tooth in the back of my mouth that has a hole in it exposing my nerve and when it starts to hurt I feel like commuting suicide to get it to stop but about 6 months ago I found the perfect solution. Every time it starts to hurt I get a napkin and tear off a lil one by one inch square then I get it damp by licking it a lil then I fold it into a lil square ball and soak it in orajel. After that you stick it directly in the hole of the tooth. Its gonna be a bit ackward maybe even painful feeling at first but within 2 mins the pain will be completely gone, guaranteed! Works every time! I've tried orajel by itself and it never works but soaking it on a napkin and closing up that exposed nerve is the trick, I promise. Your welcome everyone!


how about fixing the tooth? any thoughts guys lol. jk. Seriously i have the same problem as above, thank goodness I go in tommarow however i have a feeling they are going to want to pull it. for years all they have cared about is cleaning my teeth and deep cleaning, vs fixing this hole. which could of probably saved it. I need to be more assertive at the dentist office to save the rest in the future. I have taken baby tylenol and squirted it on the hole and gum, took two tylenol and two IBU and chomomile last night lol... it was awful.

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