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People, I pray for you all and I hope that this helps at least some of you. I suddenly started getting cold sores a year ago and since they've been trying to ruin my very existence as a 35 year old professional in a very public position. I have tried EVERYTHING to hide/get rid/avoid them, and while I'm down to a very minor outbreak every now and then thanks to changing my diet and managing stress better, I just had a bad one start up last Friday. On Saturday I woke up wondering about New Skin Liquid Bandage - something I'd never tried before. I headed to Target, picked up the New Skin while my blister was still very new, painted that sucker over (good god did it burn), and repeated every few hours for the last 4 days. It NEVER SCABBED. It is GONE today (4 days later). IT WAS NEVER EVEN VISIBLE to all but the most well-trained eyes (mine). If you haven't tried it before, give Liquid Bandage a shot! It stops the sore from oozing and the best part is you can leave the house!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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