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Gma Sharon

My family used on a tired, very angry crying some times hungry child a sucker or lolly pop. It shuts them up after a couple minutes. It resolves their low blood sugar if thats an issue. Sugar is soothing thats why people enjoy it so. My gchild i came in to baby sit her and she was screaming her head off. some one had her besides her mother didn't know what to do with her to sooth her. Saying do you miss your mommy doesn't do it. ha:-) She was also hungry too. Mine use to cry because he had tummy fullness. 1 oz of 7 up use to do it after his dinner. he loved it It was his kiddy cocktail in his baby bottle. My sister use to give a crying child by holding a little candy cane to suck on a couple minutes usually that took care of it too. It settled their stomach.

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