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I've spent the past 3 weeks with a severely clogged ear and a bad ear infection. I've taken sudafed and benadryl, used steroid ear drops, steroid dose packs, antibiotics, everything the doctors suggested. Finally a compounding pharmacist told me to use 2 drops of Pure Grain Alcohol (from the liquor store) in the ear once in the morning and once at night for a couple of days. This has dried up the moisture and the ear has finally unclogged. Now that we have air moving through there again, we're working on drying up the infection. That worked when nothing else would!!

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Have heard of and tried putting alcohol in ear with mixed results.

Alcohol made for ingestion is likely less toxic in some ways than rubbing alcohol, etc.

Not sure what 'pure grain alcohol' would correlate with?

Did a web search - generally defined as 190 proof, approx. 95% alcohol...and is apparently not legal everywhere for liquor stores to sell. But may be able to purchase over internet?


Are your ears noise when there bloked

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