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Hi you guys. I'm Joshua, a 25 year old bisexual in Nigeria. I got AW somewhere along the line a few years back and due to the laws of my country, I've been scared to seek medical help. So Ibe been living with this itching irritating smelly bastards for what seems like forever.

I came across ACV on this blog last week and decided to try it. Started only yesterday so this is the update

Day1: Showered and applied it with cotton. I didn't feel anything till late at night. Is that unusual?

Day2: Applied some this morning for about 30 mins. The sting was epic! At night, applied again. This time I almost passed out. IT BURNS SOOO BAD! I had to take it off. Dunno if I'm doing it right. I been shaking and moaning in pain even after pulling it out.

Any suggestions on how to make the process less painful cos at this rate, I doubt I can continue. I really look forward to a time when I won't have these things again. I need my life back! ????

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UPDATE; So this is day 5 of the therapy. I had to stop for a day to heal cos the burns were too much and really painful. It still is but a bit bearable now.

As for the result, definitely seeing positive signs. The warts have reduced dramatically. I think some have fallen off. I ditched the cotton swaps and started using qtips to concentrate on just the warts. Less painful.

I will co tinue this way and more frequently. Hopefully in a week's time I'll have my butthole back.


Please what is ACV and where can one get it?


Thunja works well.

Warm bath with oatmeal helps with itching.

Try Newton's Warts homopathetic. You have to be very consistent.

Apple cider vinegar.

Boost immune system.

Some people say duct tape works if you are very consistent.

Stop smoking & drinking.

Drink green smoothies and eat plenty of raw fruits & veggies.

Always use condoms!

Nash Zim

Anyupdates now?


Any updates.?


Try hb tagamet its work 2times daily morning and evening after meal..hb tagamet 400..god bless

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