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I have been dealing with what is either jock itch or ringworm (I'm told it's pretty much the same thing) for shit 5 years now. It started as a few spots on my legs and now 5 years later I have it on my legs, my ass, my balls, my arms, and now I'm starting to get it on my face and head. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked. I've tried every otc cream, spray, and powder. I've tried tea tree oil, mouth wash, peroxide, bleach, vinegar, lime-away. I even crushed fresh garlic into a paste and rubbed it on me. That actually burnt my skin so bad I gota blister the size of a golf ball! I've been to the dr. 3 times. Twice I've been given anti-fungal pills which apparently are horrible for your liver, and still I am infected. Some of the stuff I've tried makes it seem as though it's starting to go away but it always comes back within a week. I use clean towels and wear clean clothes. I've tried burning it off, scraping it off... I'm almost to the point I may try cutting it out of me. I don't care how painful the remedy is... Please can somebody suggest something I haven't yet tried (I've also tried the alcohol, both rubbing alcohols and drinking alcohol). I'm so depressed and disgusted every time I look in the mirror I want to kill myself. I know this sounds dramatic but this has really gotten to me. PLEASE HELP!

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Go to the dr and get a prescription for clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream.


I've been battling jock itch myself for several months,, seems like I've tried everything too,, I got some relief from filling up the bathtub with warm water and dump Salt in,, any kind of salt will work and pour a bunch of it,, when I say alot I mean a whole box, you can get them at any wal mart or grocery store for about a dollar and a half, then with the salt comes bleach, I read online that you put like 1/8 of a cup to a bathtub of water but I've tried everything too and wanted it gone so I put like 2 quarts of bleach,, it burns a bit but if you can stAnd it, it will kill that shit,, for about a week afterwards your skin will have a slight chemical burn and your balls and dick and wherever the bathtub water touches is going to peel like a snake does when it's shedding but that is good,, that means healing, your basically burning the very most outer layer of skin off. But don't think of it like that,, your skin isn't literally going to rub off, I mixed the bleach at a ratio as strong as I could while able to stand the burning. If your willing to cut it out of you then you should be willing to try this. Then rubbing alcohol is another good one, rubbing alcohol burns like hell on your balls and wein piece but its good for jock itch,, so here's your routine.....first soak in the bathtub of salt and bleach for at least a half hour "longer the better", then get out and do not rinse with plain water after the soaking, dry yourself off and use a spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol on yourself over affected area and don't dry it,, stay naked and let it air dry, I've found that a fan helps with the burning sensation as its drying, then use vinegar and spray it on the affected area and let it air dry because vinegar creates a ph Environment on the skin that is too acidic for fungus to survive and thrive and will keep it from spreading. Mix the vinegar and rubbing alcohol as strong as you can stAnd it.. Then after the cider dries use baby powder to keep yourself bathtub of salt and bleach, rubbing alcohol, cider...all one right after the other...while your skin is peeling and healing from the bleach and salt bathtub water hold off on the soaking in the bathtub until your skin has all peeled off and healed then continue it again if necessary but always use the rubbing alcohol and cider everyday even while peeling...i know it's a lot but that's what I've found worked for me, you should only have to burn with the bleach in the bathtub once or twice and when the skin peels and heals I think you will see significant progress. Spray vinegar and rubbing alcohol 4 times a day at a ratio as strong as you can stAnd it until eventually your spraying 100 percent vinegar..i know the bleach is unhealthy for your body but what are you gonna do?? You gotta do something but by all means don't cut it out of you,, that will leave horrible scarring and who wants to cut their balls off?? but I understand man,it's horrible and has caused me a lot of misery, sleep naked, when your in your house...naked,, anywhere you can be naked be naked,, hope this helps,, it's how I've found some relief and I'm finally getting to the very last of it. Also when you finally get rid of it continue to either use rubbing alcohol or cider every night before you go to bed to prevent it from coming back. Another thing is spray anything your butt touches with 90 percent rubbing alcohol, your bed that you sleep in, your couch, toilets etc to kill any spores that may be floating around and may be reinfecting you including your shower especially because it may be spreading the rash..also I'm an addict, and i read that an overload of toxins in the body can cause things like this and jock itch because with an overload of toxins your body can't get rid of it properly because it's too busy trying to get rid of everything your pumping Into it,, so if your smoker,, or whatever you do or mAybe not do,, be careful what you put in your body. I quit using for a couple of days and boom, all the sudden it was way better and i made more progress in one week that i did in months....I believe a heAlthy diet helps, you can drink a lot of salt I believe helps,, chicken broth things like that which are salty and drink a cup of vinegar everyday to boost your immune system ...hope this helps you, I'm sorry your dealing with this, you'll get over it, your ancestors we're warriors, you can get over a jock itch infection..keep a positive attitude about it..

Chet I'm trying to tell you, read these and do what I did

I'm telling you man,, it's diet,, change your diet, if you an alcoholic quit drinking, if your a smoker quit smoking, if your a drug addict quit drugging, if you put anything in your body excessively by all means STOP.. Drink lots of water, water is your body's natural detoxifier. have you ever thought that maybe you have an immune disability, maybe there's something wrong with your immune system, when you get sick does it take forever to get well?? You may want to have a blood test done,, long term hardcore jock itch like you have all over your body can sometimes mean very bad things..people with HIV are prone to jock itch symptoms you mention,, I hate to scare you but I want you to know for your health,,and I'm telling you burn the outer layer of your skin with bleach, sit in the bathtub and just burn..if your skin can't live through it then there's no way a fungus can, if its still there after it peels and new healed skin is there them you don't have jock itch, it's something else, it's really not too painful during the process of soaking, it's the afterwards that hurts,, the only thing that I was really hurt by was my dick hole,, I was so burnt that it wouldn't close on its own, I had to squeeze it shut and the hair on my legs was gone,, do what I did,, I'm telling you bro,, just fuckin burn, I sat in there for a couple hours and it burned my sack so bad it looked like alligator skin,, but it knocked that shit back, didn't cure it, but cold klocked that shit down for the count so I could get control of it again


No powders containing corn starch,, the fungus feeds off corn starch and it will make it come back or get worse..


Try a product called CanSol from Pure Herbs. Cleared up chronic recurring problems with me in a few days


The best thing I’ve found is a product called FungiCure (undecylenic acid). My doctor prescribed me a few things which gave no results, so I gave it a shot. It burns like hell to begin with, but my doctor said that was okay if it was only in the early stages of the treatment. It reduced the area of the rash by about 60-70\\%, but I had to discontinue treatment. That said, I didn’t follow the regiment as closely as I should have, and now that summer is here and the problem is coming back, I plan on trying again. Lastly, I don’t think it is wise to apply it to your scrotum, as the skin seems to sensitive in that area, and be prepared for immense pain ????

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