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Call me Mr. Happy Pants

So glad I found this site. I am somewhat of an anal abscess veteran having survived three prior attacks over the past thirty-odd years. . . Usually I just let it run its course, but that can take up to a week to ten days. Not wanting to have to wait things out suffering this time, I Googled "anal abscesses" and it led me here. Thanks be to God.

I read the entire thread and decided there wasn't much to lose, so off I set out for Wal-Mart (driving on one butt-cheek the (w)hole way). I procured the recommended items, and hurried back home, anxious to give it a whirl.

I took a nice 30 minute long soak in the tub, with the water at 110 degrees, before applying the magic poultice with a wad of cotton balls. I then packed in a large gauze pad, which obligingly stayed in place by the friction of my butt-crack alone. I followed up by commandeering one of my wife's feminine pads and securing it to my shorts with its self-adhesive tape. It took a couple of attempts to get it aligned just right, but I persevered. Finally I put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts, then retired to the boudoir to wait for the magic to happen.

I didn't expect anything to happen right away, and I was right. Just a kind of warm grittiness, and of course the relentless painful throbbing of the blasted "thing" itself. I placed a beach towel under where I was lying, just in case. I went to sleep.

I woke up several times in the night from my restless sleep and tightened my sphincter muscles to test the pain threshold, but alas, each time, I could tell the damn thing still hadn't burst.

Finally, just after dawn I awoke with a coughing fit and realized the pain and pressure were hardly there and there was a wetness down there! Yay! It worked! I felt like a new man.

I got cleaned up, fetched another of my wife's feminine pad things (and some clean underwear of course), and just to be on the safe side, two pair of loosely fitting shorts. I feel wonderful and so glad to have this thing behind me (no pu n).

All I can say is my heart-felt thanks go to this site, and if anyone is sitting on the fence (not that one could with this affliction), wondering if this cure is worth it, just do it. You won't regret it.

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what is the ingredients for the magic poultice?


Yes, what are the ingredients!!! I'm dying over here

Still Happy

If you read through the messages you will find that the ingredients are: Coconut oil, tummeric, baking soda, tea tree oil. Basically two teaspoons of everything except for tea tree oil, which is one quarter of a teaspoon. I mixed mine up in a small bowl.

It's a week now since I used the remedy, and I am delighted to report that things are well back to normal back there. Had some slight residual pain for two days, but nothing like when the evil thing was the size of a small plum and throbbing like the devil. If it ever REARS it's wicked head again, I'll be at the ready. ;)

Wife of sufferer.

Thank you for your post. You convinced me to use this on my husbands abscess. It worked. He was in so much pain. Thank you X10.


I know what kind of pain you all are facing , I just want to give u a better adive as per the treatment of this pain, there is no need for surgery or any kind of treatment which leads u to more pain, i read on most of the sites n everyone is showing a different way of treatment, it can make ur pain worst n uncureable.

u just need only 3 things to get ride from this pain, OK there is the treatment with little effort , pick one onion and mustard oil , chop the onion from mid like this ) and again one or two small pieces like this ))) and put them on a fripan with mustard oil, make a little heat beneath fripan, to give a little redish shape to onion, and put this onion with the help of little bandage on place of pain, and move to ur bed , and when u getup in the morning u see the results.

In this way it can drag all pus in one pin point place which can help to prevent further problems and effectiveness od onion make ur body to recover soon, I know it's difficult to believe on different treatment ways, but believe it really help u all, and give u relive from pain forever. This is the oldest way of treatment in over village and believe me it really help me.


I am just a 22 year old girl and facing a shitty pain around the anal area which has turned into a size of a plum. It is filled with pus. Should I really try this poultice. I hope it won't aggravate the thingy.

Jeethu modi

Sir i have a pinple on my anus what i have to do pls tell

I am i more painful candition


Mix 2 tablespoon coconut oil, 2 tablespoon turmeric and 2 tablespoon baking soda with 10-15 drops of tea tree oil. Apply on the clean and dry abscess.

It really works! Just overnight opened my abscess! Thank you!


So I've tried this remedy and the first night nothing really happened, I'm now in the second day of applying the paste and it has stung more to put on the affected area (mind you i have a bump under the hole and another blocking the hole OUCH) the one blocking hurts the most :( does this mean they wont pop? Both bumps are on the outer anal area btw. Should i give up with this treatment? I really dont want to have to get surgery but the pain is off and on either more or less bearable depending on my position. Any suggestions? Pls help

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