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I get restless leg syndrome when I don't eat right, so the only way I can get back to sleep is to get up and eat 1/2 to a whole banana. I can never be without bananas. I would never get back to sleep if I didn't have a banana beside my bed. It is horrible. Did you know bananas not only have potassium, they do have protein. I am also allergic to any artificial flavors....that will cause restless leg syndrome. I can't have coffee or tea at night that will cause it too. Hopes this helps someone.

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John Rainford

I have suffered from restless legs for most of my life and I have tried almost everything possible ,but with no success. A method I have found recently and does give me almost immediate relieve is to sit at a table or a desk and have an electric fan blowing on my legs to cool them down. For me, this latest method has saved my sanity.

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