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A Non Amos

Tried ACV on anal warts….. Here’s my experience….

First, a little background: I’m a 49-year old, heterosexual male that contracted genital warts when I was about 19…. Dealt with them popping up here and there over the years…. A lot in the last few years for some reason….

I exercise several times a week, am a distance runner and health food freak… still, my immune system can’t seem to keep the virus totally suppressed….

Anyway, apparently over the years the virus has migrated to my ass… Oh, joy…. Noticed something different back there when showering several months ago, but just this month felt like a wart… Just inside the anal cavity about half an inch, I’d say… Then feeling around I noticed a couple smaller ones about same location…. I’ve zapped the gen warts for years with freeze-off from the pharmacy, but no way would I be able to even contort around and see these things, even with mirrors, let alone zap them with any kind of accuracy with some cryo…. So I hopped on the web and landed here…..

ACV?? Cool…. I actually eat a lot of that in my diet… amazing stuff…. I gave it a shot…

Instead of cotton balls that I thought would get stringy and messy and stick to every damn thing, I bought quilted (not woven) gauze pads and just cut them down to a little larger than an inch square…. Then I soaked it in straight ACV and stuck it up my ass…. It burned pretty good… More than I thought it would…. Ouch….

Kept it in all night till nxt afternoon, then out and cleaned up…. Went for a run and couple hours later followed same procedure….

OHHHHHhhhhh MAMA!!!! Lol…. Holy shit, guys…. I liked to think I have a pretty good tolerance for pain… probably above average… I’ve had concussions, broken ribs, gaping lacerations… even been stabbed in the chest… …. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the worst pain I ever felt… But holy shit, guys…. Seriously… My asshole was already bleeding a little and plenty swollen and a little distended… When I shoved that ACV-soaked pad up there the second night, after a minute or two the pain was so intense that I got very shakey and knees a little weak….

Like I say… used to like to think I was pretty tough… Now, reading how you guys are gung-ho for this ACV for days or even weeks at a time…. Now I’m thinking I’m just a big pussy!! Lol…

But seriously folks… I DON’T want to scare anybody off from pursuing this treatment necessarily…. I see now that I made a couple mistakes…. 1) I didn’t realize until after the second night that a lot of guys here were significantly diluting the ACV… Big difference…. And 2) My warts are inside the anal cavity on skin that is much more sensitive and exposed…

Well…. I diluted it the next time around, the next morning…. Not near as bad…. Then on the third night, I added some tea tree oil (prob too much… also only recommended for external use…) and upped ACV ratio to water… Burned pretty bad, but not near as bad as night before…. Woke up a few times at night, tossing around… Seemed like maybe that tea tree was really burning, as ACV had tended to dissipate when applied before…. Early morning I took it out…. And decided I was done….

If they had been external, no problem… I could burn ‘em with acid all day long for weeks or however long it took…. But internal….. I just couldn’t do it anymore….

Like I say, don’t want to dissuade anybody from trying ACV…Just for me, where my warts are (internal), and the way I went about applying the ACV (undiluted and liberally)…. My ass was a swollen, bloody warzone and this was a “scorched-earth” tactic….. lol….

…And I eventually began to wonder if what I was doing wasn’t just painful, but unhealthy…. That question began to wear down my resolve…. My asshole was bloody, raw and “weeping” by the second day, like a severe burn or roadrash…. Weeping so much that I felt lucky that I was on an extended break from work…. If I had had to venture out in public I might’ve needed diapers…. Lol… Also, I think the physical trauma gave me an elevated body temp over the last few days….

Perhaps I’ll try it again eventually beginning with much more diluted concentrations of ACV from the start to try to minimize swelling…. But I think that ACV is prob not as well suited to treating internal warts… AM I WRONG, GUYS?? Please tell me…. I sincerely hope that I am wrong…. But it seems that ACV, as an acidic substance, essentially burns the wart out…. Just like cryo or other acid mixtures that used to be prescribed by docs…. Therefore if you are able to apply it repeatedly, directly to the wart (preferably without too much collateral damage to surrounding tissue), you’ll eventually kill it at it’s root…. Hooray!!

But…. In my case, it seemed like bloody scorched-earth devastation…. Like I was gonna have to burn off all the inner lining of the top of my anal canal to do the job…. Am I wrong?? Did I just whimp out?? Please give me some recommendations or opinions…..

Anyway…. Just wanted to vent a little about my little adventure and share my own experience…”warts and all,” as they say…Lol… … Perhaps it was more trial and error than success… But we’ll see if the warts are still there after all the bleeding and swelling is gone…. Maybe they’ll slough off…

Finally…. My heart goes out to one and all suffering through genital and anal warts…. Like I said, I first contracted nearly thirty years ago and I know that having them can be a depressing thing…. It fucks with your head… But however embarrassing or stubborn, it’s really just a treatable illness…. Hang tough boys and girls!!

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A Non Amos

POSTSCRIPT: It's been abt 48 hrs since I stopped scalding my asshole with ACV, and I'm very glad that I stopped after three days.... I'm convinced it was a wise decision.... Just in the last 12 hrs has the swelling and distension of my raw asshole and entrance to the anal canal gone down and the weeping, rosy-bloody fluid stopped oozing so much... Whew!! ...On the mend..... Yeah, I still got the warts... But I'm convinced that was not a wise treatment regime...

I feel at this point that I would strongly dissuade anybody from repeatedly sticking anything soaked in ACV up their ass.... (Unless, possibly, it's very diluted... IDK... But then I doubt that it would achieve the desired goal...see below...)...Even if your level of tolerance for pain is in the stratosphere... It's just too destructive to lots of healthy tissue...

ON THE OTHER HAND... If your warts are external, AND you can reach them and douse them with ACV with some precision, avoiding sizzling and scalding large areas of healthy tissue... I'd encourage you to go for it!!

AND... if you do have readily accessible external warts and ACV doesn't work after a week or so... I'd just go buy a little bottle of freeze-off/wart remover from the pharmacy... Why not just spend twenty bucks and buy a truly effective, fairly efficient product from the pharmacy?? It work's great...been using it for decades on gen warts....

I think that raw, unfiltered ACV has some truly amazing properties (chiefly the live cultures) and I eat/drink a lot of it in my diet...But used in this way, I think it's effectiveness is probably solely due to its low PH and the fact that it is so acidic (Not any other "magical" properties...) Good luck folks!!

My ACV story

Interesting. I am in a very similar situation with the exact same reaction. I'm in my mid 30s. Mine popped up after being on an immunosuppressant. Started on my penis and spread to my butt. I've not seen many pictures of anal warts online as bad as mine, plus external hemorrhoids.

I used OTC wart freeze for the ones on my penis. Got some raised tissue from that but I noticed a good, deep burn of the skin will get rid of the raised tissue. Anyway, I tried ACV for the anal warts. Soaked some quilted medical squares in it and shove one inside and made kind of a maximum pad for the outer warts. HOLY HELL did it burn!!! I left it for an hour and a half. I noticed that the real pain comes when you remove it. I'm talking a 36 year old man, 6'1, 210 lbs of muscle shaking, knees knocking, unable to stand, laying in the floor, weeping and asking forgiveness for everything I ever thought about doing wrong. It was pure torture for about 30 min until it subsided enough for me to get off the floor. It still hurt though.

I've read that it's best if you put Vaseline on the healthy skin to protect it but it's so hard to do on that area. Unfortunately for me, I did this in the Deep South at the end of June and had no excuse to get out of driving over 2 hours to an outdoor festival. I cannot even begin to describe the discomfort from a leaky butt, which causes more irritation, with your cheeks scrubbing back and forth making it even more irritated. Baby powder helped a great deal with this.

I have to wonder if all the rave reviews are false. I do the see how anyone can do this treatment more than 2 or 3 days in a row. I would die. After the initial Armageddon in my nether regions, I did 2 treatments a week for 3 weeks and they got better. However, at the end of July we sold our house and moved. It has been very hectic settling I and we have lots of remodelling to do so I made sure to hold off on further treatments until I know I can take it easy. I plan to start again soon and hope I can stick with it. I used a mirror to take pictures so that I could monitor progress. It did work. My hemorrhoids also shrank, which is apparently a thing with ACV that I discovered with a quick Internet search.

In addition to that I started taking supplements to boost my immune system. Zinc is good. Don't take too many or you'll be spraying grease from both ends and praying for death visit you.

Hope everything gets better for you.


Thunja works well.

Warm bath with oatmeal helps with itching.

Try Newton's Warts homopathetic. You have to be very consistent.

Apple cider vinegar. Drinking & soaking in tub works.

Boost immune system. Google how to have a high immune system.

Some people say duct tape works if you are very consistent.

Stop smoking & drinking.

Drink green smoothies and eat plenty of raw fruits & veggies.

Google raw diet & superfoods.

Call a health food store and get some advice.

Always use condoms when having sex.

Avoid drugs.

Reduce stress.


I see my DR. tomorrow for 2 anal warts.

Because Herpes and HPV are Viruses, your body has to attack the virus powerfully.

This will be my #1 strategy after I see what the dr. can do so I can boost my immune systems virus busters:

L-theanine is an Amino Acid

L-Theanine is an Amino acid which is a powerful Antibody booster and creates 10 times more virus killing Interferon.

A substance called L-theanine in both black and green tea prompted T-cells to secrete 10 times more virus-fighting interferon, which Harvard experts say may up flu resistance. The study, published in the National Academy of Science in May 2003, compared T-cell levels in 10 subjects who drank five daily cups of black tea for 2 weeks, and nine who drank the same amount of a hot drink free of L-theanine.

This is especially important for seniors at risk of the Shingles (Herpes Virus too).

Take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach.

I hope this may help some of you.

Chris T

Witch hazel is great for anal warts. Kills them really fast actually with zero pain. I wish everybody would forget ACV it is beyond torture.


I have two large ones internally. It's like they infect the outer anal area with an itchy rash, but mine are only on one side. The other side of my anus is healthy. I tried acv and it did seem to help, but after leaving in in over night, burned my anal area. I recommend using diluted if using over night. Here is another thing that is kinda expensive, but seems to help and is soothing and non-invasive..emuaidMAX. It is a cream, but also contains tea tree oil. Makes it easier to treat internally because it is a cream. You could even use this and still go about your day. Seems like it sooths the infected area. I had just been using on outer anus, but now applying in to the inner..where the warts are. I will try to make an update if I get rid of them. Good luck to everyone with this horrible problem. I thought I would share if it could help someone going through the same nightmare as me. Just a question for the rest of you. I feel really tired and sluggish, brain fog, just really fatigued all day, no matter how much sleep I get. When I put this cream on the's like I can breath deeper and I start feeling these things maybe have some sort of roots in my digestive track and in my mucos membrane. I hope it has not turned into anal cancer. I have had this issue since I was in my 20's. I am 38 now. I hope I can get rid of this..and feel better again..

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