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I was drugged and raped in Miami. I woke up and didn't feel a thing until the next day. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with Gonorrhea and Genital Herpes. So I started reading this thread last night trying to find a way out of this pain and agony. I went and bought Lysine and I'm doing the water challenge as well. I started today and I'm already seeing results. 3,000 mg of Lysine and a jug of water. No pain, no burning, nothing. I don't feel a thing anymore.

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Everyone saying I went back and was tested later for Herpes and tested negative. You can only be tested for herpes during an outbreak or suspected outbreak. So of course it's gonna say negative when checked without one. It lives in nervous system not bloodstream.


You don't have to have to have a outbreak or suspected one, to get a positive test. there is a cure and home remedies. it is a std not something that you cant get ride of like HIV.

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