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Mr T

Hi all, I'm just getting over my third attack of this.

1st Time. In the crease where my inner thigh meets my buttock, on both sides! Absolute agony. At the time I thought it was related to cycling. After a couple of days, 1 side burst on its own and the other went with antibiotics from the doctor.

2nd time. It was enormous and just above my hole. I went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital. I had to wait ages (standing) in the waiting room, then they offered me something to "calm me" before the surgery. The trouble was I had to drive home so refused any drugs, local anaesthetic only, 2 seconds of pain and then nothing.

But here's the funny bit, I had to get the dressing changed daily at the local health centre, on the second day they did the most stupid thing ever. I was on preventative antibiotics against infection, they always have a bad effect on my stomach and I found I had to rush to the toilet. At that point I discovered that the idiot in the health centre had completely sealed my hole with a dressing. I had to rip it off, I'm pretty hairy down there! I was laughing and crying at the same time.

Lastly, this bout. Slightly closer to my coccyx and equally painful. For the last few days I've been applying a pad of cotton wool soaked in TCP (an antiseptic liquid for non-UK people who may read this) it stang for about 5 minutes then calmed. 1 day of that and this morning I found the tell tale moisture between my cheeks. A good squeeze (BIG OUCH) and voila! The stench was disgusting and I don't think I'll be eating custard in the near future. That was about 30 minutes ago. It still hurts, nothing like before though, but I think I will keep

going back to it until I'm sure everything is out. Right now I have a gauze pad covering it.

My guess is the TCP had a similar caustic effect to the tea tree oil, that stuff can burn! It brought out the head and the rest came naturally.

In a weird way, the relief is such a satisfying experience, it almost makes the pain that went before worth it. I didn't know I was a masochist until I typed this.

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Hi, im having this prob ryt now ang thinking of going to a doc tomorrow until i found this page. I just want to ask you, whatdid you do after the pus come out? I mean theres a small break in the skin ryt where the pus came out. Whatyd to it.?

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