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Cathy R.

I have had chronic migraine for the past few years, Have tried almost every kind of remedy and only a few of them lessen the pain. Mine are triggered by hot humid weather, barometric pressure, bright lights and hormonal changes. I take 1/2 imitrex at the very start of the migraine but again, it's not something you can take more than 3 times a week. I also take 2 ibuprofen with the imitrex. I take some milk with the imitrex because it helps with the nausea. I have tried topomax, helped for a while, then pooped out. Right now I am on verapamil, which helps with the intensity but not the frequency. Non drug remedies include tiger balm or Vicks on temples and neck, ice packs, sunglasses and massaging my temples and head. I have tried Botox and it does nothing for me. Ditto for magnesium supplements and Vitamin B. I am thinking of trying fish oil and peppermint oil.

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Have you thought about food and drinks that might be triggering your migraine? My boyfriend read that caramel coloring and dyes can trigger them. I stopped drinking pepsi and avoid food coloring and preservatives and have significantly reduced the number of migraines that I get.

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