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I have a dental abscess that flares up like clockwork, once a year. Often I ended up at the pain clinic in the hospital, where they would prescribe antibiotics and drain the swelling if it had reached a head. But quite often they wouldn't drain it and I'd be left in agony - and a dental abscess is indeed agonising. Thankfully, I found an alternative remedy which works, for me - Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix a quarter of a glass with the same amount of water and swill it around the affected area. Repeat till glass is empty. Do this every two or three hours and especially before bed. The swelling will soften and the poison will drain away, and the pain relief is immense. It's not an immediate remedy - it can take a day or so. But it works.

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I will definantly try this!


i caant believe it.. i had a free bottle of apple cider vinegar in my kitchen doing absolutely nothing.

i see this remedie and think, im in so much pain ill try anything. i kid you not, i did it once . was then sitting in the front room feeling sorry for myself , and my abscess burst. ahhhhh pure bliss.

you cannot beat natural remedies


It works for me it .I use it with half tsp of table salt and hot water I gargle with it,it hasn't let down yet.


I had been suffering for a week with an abscess and had no at to get to a dentist. Finally broke down after the swelling got too bad, and found this home remedy. OMG! It worked like a dream! On my second rinse the relief was instantaneous and by morning all swelling was gone. Best home remedy ever! Thank you for posting this.


So incredible! It took the pain away so I can think again. WTG


Im going to give this a shot. I have an abcess which has not shown the pea so I can pop it. It seems to be deep in my gums. The left side of my face is swollen and I am sore on the jaw where the partial tooth is. I have been taking aspirin, ibruprofen, and at night use Advil pm so I can a little sleep. Here's to home remedies working. Thank you very much for this new remedy:)


It worked!

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