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Dude that let some cavities get way out of control

I've done em all. Thing about it is, they are just temporary fixes and eventually the method you find for your quick fix won't cut it any longer and youll have to switch it up. So a quick run down of things that have worked for me. But before I get to that brush your teeth, and yes even that tooth that is broke or has a cavity in it that has ate through nearly all of your tooth. It's going to hurt like no other but 9 times out of 10 the real reason your tooth is hurting is because you have some tiny microscopic particle hitting that nerve which is causing the pain. It sucks but if you can't get rid of what's irritating the exsposed nerve your not going to win (and yes its possible to have an exsposed nerve and not be in pain all the time you just need to keep it clean) alright then now that you've done that and nearly passed out from the pain, the list (some if not all of these are on this list already but these have worked for me)

GARLIC- Any type of garlic clove, paste, I've even used powder.

Vanilla extract- just don't over do it with this technique or you'll burn up your gums

Vodka or everclear- feel free to go ahead and get drunk while your at it.

Mouthwash- not as fun as vodka

Advil liquid gel caps- break open and put on nerve

Warm salt water- swish as hard as you can and until your jaw feels like it's gonna fall off. Spit and repeat at least one more time

Vicks vapor rub- Rub some on your face on the side the pain is on. If your dumb enough to actually put it on the tooth itself please let me know how that works out for you.

Ice- This one's weird but it has worked for me and like the Vicks it's not meant for the tooth itself. Hold a piece of ice between your thumb and your index finger on the opposite side of your painful tooth. Takes a sec but it can oddly kill the pain.

Antibiotics- Not so much of a quick fix but if your tooth is in constant pain there is a good chance it's infected and nothing is going to take the pain away for good without them. (Make sure to take the whole prescription as advised from your doctor or your buddys doctor if your on a budget)

Clove oil- Works pretty good but who has clove oil laying around

Sugar free gum- chew it up an fill that hole. If you don't use sugar free your gonna have a bad time.

Superglue- again cover that bad boy up.

Well I'm done, there's plenty more out there too these are just my go 2s. Hopefully at least one works for you. Keep them teeth clean son!

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Janel blaskiewicz

Dude your a genius my boyfriend wanted me to tell you...I got a bottle of green Advil liquid-gels and been cutting them up. Whatever's in them puts you right out. So I thank you and so does he.


And thankyou sir. 2 days of hell and all I had to do was scrub the fuck out of the hole with toothpaste. Your a legend.


My dentist said never put superglue on a tooth, even to teglue a crown. It can be drawn into the roots and the tooth may need extraction


Hi! I'm actually going through a toothache that's open to a nerve. Very painful. My number one thing I depend on is BC. I open a BC and let it sit on my tongue after it has been on my tongue for 3 minutes then I switch it around in my mouth and leave it on the side with the bad tooth and let it sit there soaking the toothache for 3 minutes very nasty taste but I'm use to it I was raised on BCs using them for headaches. Note do not buy the blue box or pack of BCs always buy the green box/pack it works faster and better. After I let the BC sit for 3 minutes I grab something to drink and drink.Trust me after a few seconds you will feel no pain.

The other remedy I use is VICKS. No I do not place it on my face on the side where my tooth aches. I am the one who actually place the VICKS onto a Q-tip and place it in the whole of my aching tooth that's hitting the nerve. It works wonders. The reason why I had no problem with placing the VICKS in my mouth on in and around my tooth is because growing up as a child my mother used her grandmother home remedy on my sister and I having us swallow VICKS when we were congested and it worked as well. In fact I use that remedy on my kids. No problem and it works. Nasty taste but it's worth a try if you are looking for the pain to leave. Before bed apply the BC on and in the tooth and go to bed. You will wake up HAPPY just make sure you get the extra BC powder from off in inside of you jaws and tongue because BC will make your inner mouth and tongue raw if not wiped off.


Been in constant pain for about a week. Real nasty pain. Enough to make me want to run in front of a moving train. I even went to the dentist for antibotics just incase it was an infection (I do have an appointment for extraction next week).

I just tried the "Brush the the fuck out of it method". It dulled the pain down. I brushed with toothpaste vigorously for 5 minutes. So far so good! I hope to fuck this works because I really need sleep. Not slept properly for days.

I can feel twinges as I write this. I think the bastard is coming back. Time to try the "brush the fuck out of it method" again.


Wow, almost an hour and the pain is a 2. I have these twinges under my jaw where the pain is a 5 but I feel that's because my lymph node is inflamed. It certainly isn't constant agonising pain anymore.

OP is God! Thank you so much. It's always the simple shit that works.


I've been sick with strep for a few days I have a bad tooth that has exposed nerves well I guess the infection got into the tooth I'm on a z pack bit I've been hurting bad thenough liquid advil does wonders man finally stopped hurting


Around here u can got to a local farm supply store and buy penicillin for fish ponds that words as long as ur not allergic to penicillin i have heard of a couple ppl dying from it. But it hhas sure saved me more than once.


So, after hours of throbbing pain, even a few tears shed, I broke down and soaked a cotton ball in BC powder and saliva....placed that on top of the tooth in question, and let it sit for a few minutes. Pain is down from 10/10 to like a 2/10. Hoping it lasts for a while, because FUUUUUCK this shit hurts.


The Vick’s really does work my pain went from a 10/10 to a 2/10.

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