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I developed Angular Cheilitis suddenly and suffered with cracks in the corners of my mouth for over 6 months. I tried every treatment recommended on the internet, and while some things helps, it never went away. I felt like I looked like a clown. I started taking Claritin for another issue, I had not seen any suggestions to try it previously for my Angular Cheilitis, but in 4 days it was permanently gone. I still take it, every other day. I use Walmart's generic Claritin, it's very inexpensive, just a few dollars for a bottle of tablets. I tested it many times, stopping the Claritin for a few days, and the cracks always came back. Blistix medicated is also good for some quick relief until it heals. Vasaline also helped at night when it was really bad, applied thickly to corners so the drool couldn't soak in. I think the Claritin really just stops some of the drooling, and that is why it worked for me.

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