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I never thought I'd live the day to see my toenail healthy again...Yes it happened! After struggling for over 12 years I used turpentine on a daily basis, twice a day, rub on the cleaned nail (you remove all dead, buff and polish, etc) I had about 30\\% loss of my nail - I never let it go really bad but I never managed to fix it either. So turpentine will not make your nail yellow like tea tree oil does and I found it more potent as well. I less than 8 months I was able to wear sandals and be happy with my toes. YAY for TURPENTINE! I recommend pure gum spirits only, not the chemical from the hardware stores. Diamond G is the brand I used, they seem to have the best quality. Try it! Cheap and effective just be consistent with cleaning and applying... Good luck!

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