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My grandmother is from the old country. She was primitive living in the mountains and knew an old simple technique. She always told me to use salt. So, I tell you to use about two handfuls of regular table salt and two handfuls of epsom salt mixed into a bucket with hot water. Then soak the wound infection with a rag soaked with the salt water mixture on and off continuously to keep hot.

I had an infection in my thighs and knees and this drew it out.

Make the water as hot as possible in which you can stand the rag without scalding yourself. You do not want to "cooK" the wound. Basically, I am telling you not to feel a burning hell when putting the rag on. Though, obviously their will be a sting you need to endure with the salt. It is the excessive heat that I was talking about.

So, do not put on extremely hot this would basically stop the wound from discharging fluid or toxins. It is supposed to feel soothing to the wound. Just make sure that it is indeed nice and hot though. Without a good amount of heat doing this technique would not be as effective.

My grandmother also pointed out to me that towards the end of the soaking with the rag go ahead and leave the rag on for another half hour to hour if the wound area is bad. The rag just sitting on the wound at the end of the soaking will help draw the infection out even more with the extra time and salt in the rag. It is also good to do this two to four times a day as needed. Hope this helps.

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Hi I just want to thank you for posting this remedy ... I have a dog bite that got infected and I have been using this remedy, must say WOW!!! Thank you ... the infection is almost gone and it keep pulling it out ... does stings but worth it.

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