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In my long, miserable experience with cold sores, I have tried toothpaste, ice, methylated spirits (Please DON'T do this. Terrible scars) Whiskey.... I don't know, just about everything mentioned in this forum.

and after a 40 year history I found this natural product called VIRASOOTHE Made in new zealand, and it's just amazing. All natural. I have never had another cold sore since I first used this amazing product. Google Virasoothe cold sores. Lots of good feedback on this product and they have been around a long time, so they must be doing something right

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I tracked this stuff down at I bought the roll-on as it's portable and stronger than the cream. Wouldn't be without it, every cold sore has stopped in it's tracks..... blood brilliant


Kev's spot on - the Virasoothe concentrate roll on is amazing - you can even get it in the UK now (same NZ product) from a company called Cold sore remedies UK - check out their website. they also have other 'preventative' products and these are backed up by research - siberian ginseng vitamins and immunovite tablets. I had cold sores on and off every year for about ten years but this Virasoothe really does work. Not had any since.

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