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Believe it or not I.have been in excruciating pain for 3days now and found this page talking about toothpaste and it said to use Sensodyne but I did not have any what I did have was colgate enamel helth plus sensitive toothpaste and the second I put it on it was immediate relief omg do I feel so much better

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Did you put it on the gums or the tooth?


I did this also with some decent relief, but beware of leaving it on too long if the toothpaste is touching your gums or part of your tongue. I did this frequently for a couple of days and ended up with severely irritated gums and back portion of my tongue, I think it was a minor chemical burn to be honest.


Thanks for all the methods here.. My sitting room has almost all the remedies listed here because of the severe pains I'm currently going through.... At my own risk

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