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I have had a broken tooth for a few month no insurance and just moved so no money. I started getting problems with hot and cold pain. I started putting hydrogen peroxide in mouth a tablespoons moved it around alot for a few min and spit out then I use coconut oil a table hold in mouth just like peroxide and move around alot for 20 min this is called pulling oil and it has antibiotic use I now have no problems with the tooth. You can also get fish med that will give help you with out going to a doctor and they are as good as people med I have taken the Fish Mox for a ear infection 250 x a day and if got rid of the infection you tube has the patriot nurse that talk about using these antibiotic here is a web page on it I would only do this if there is no way to get to a dentist and no money and a bad infection but it works hope this helps some of you out there

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That's not oil pulling...That's just swishing around peroxide. Oil pulling is coconut oil swished for 20 minutes for antibacterial and whitening effects.

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