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I am 41 years old and have learned the secret. I have suffered from BV and yeast infections for 5 years and have suffered at the hands of doctors who push gels, creams and medications that do more harm than good just for relief for a couple weeks. I did serious research and found my miracle! You have to treat these both internally and externally and maintenace is critical. Orally i have found my daily dose of Accuflora, folic acid, and garlic supplements are neccessary. If you suffer from yeast as well Azo Yeast daily helps as well. Externally i have found that a nightly (with symptoms and twice a week without symproms) soak in hot water with half a cup of sea salt and 5 drops of tea tree oil is a quick acting cure. The tea tree oil knocks out that odor and symptoms quickly and keeps them away. When I start to feel something coming on I begin my soak and its gone. I used to get infections monthly and now i may only get them twice a year and thats when I shy away from my regimen. If you are experiencing symptoms you can also fill a bowl with water and a few drops of the tea tree oil and use a cotton ball soaked in the solution to wipe front to back. It has a cooling sensation and sticks with you. Stop douching and putting stuff into the vagina. My friend would use the yogurt tampon method and she developed a horrible infection. I hope this helps somebody. It has been my savior.

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