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This is very rare for me to comment on a random website, but I feel obligated since the information was extremely helpful to my situation. First Thank You all very much for your words of wisdom. I especially liked Lars comment on September 25, 2015 where he explained the full treatment method he utilized including the making of the medical paste.

I first felt a small bump in my anus when I was wiping myself after going to the bathroom. It was about pea sized at the time. This was 4 days ago. I have had hemorrhoids in the past, but this was different b/c there was no pain or irritation at all and no bleeding. To be honest, I was even more nervous because I thought it could be a cancerous colon tumor (one of my close friends recently was diagosed with colon cancer; he is slightly older than me in the mid 40's).

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to the doctor immediately b/c I was very busy with work the next few days, there was no pain at all, I'm generally very healthy and never get sick, and I really didn't want to know if it was cancerous....I was hoping it would just go away. Well, that changed very quickly! By the next day and a half, the bump grew to the size of a golf ball and it was EXTREMELY painful to sit or do anything. I still thought it was hemorrhoids, so I bought some Preparation H, some disinfectant wipes that contained witch hazel. Those things didn't help at all!

The more I read, the more ignorant I felt. Was this just stubborn case of hemorrhoids that was going to become an Externally Exposed Hemhorroid? A Perirectal Hematoma? An Anal Fissure? Was it indeed Colon Cancer?? Turns out it wasn't any of those, but in fact a Perianal Abscess. I spoke with my friend with colon cancer and he actually said that it was very positive that 1) there was no bleeding, 2) it WAS painful and 3) that it grew so quickly because those are signs that It is NOT cancer. There was another symptom I also experienced....I started to experience flu-like symptoms (body was a bit achy and I was getting a little fever, although I did feel cold chills at times too).

I stumbled upon this website as I was researching my condition (what helped me the most was to compare pictures on the web with my condition and also read the symptoms) and the procedures seemed simple and very logical. But most importantly effective. (I preferred not to go in for surgery, especially in the rectal area!).

I followed the steps Lars suggested (scroll back to 9/25/15 and you can find his comment) some Epsom Salt and took a bath for about 30 minutes (I didn't know what a sitz bath was, but it's a special tub that allows for just soaking your butt, but I just took a regular bath). This was very comforting. After that I made the medical paste (I guess the proper term is poultice), which is comprised of baking soda, turmeric (I bought the capsules and poured out the contents), coconut oil and tea tree oil. Make sure you put a lot of tissues over the wound, wear old underwear, and put a towel on your bed because the puss and medical paste makes nasty stains.

I've been doing the baths and putting on the poultice for the last couple days and I feel SIGNIFICANTLY better as the puss has mostly come out (took about 10-11 hours for puss to start coming out) and the pressure has been relieved. While I'm not 100\\% yet, I'm quite confident I will be in a couple of days. I probably should have taken some antibiotics to offset the major infection.

Lastly, while I haven't gone to the doctor yet, I plan to next week. I also want to get a colonoscopy. My friend with the colon cancer said that we should start getting this test when we get into our early 40's.

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I can't find the 9/2 post with the complete instructions . Can you please post the ingredients and instructions.

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