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Jean Bean the Gardner

I was literally covered in chigger bites! After being told by two physicians that it was poison and given various medications that didn't work, I was finally diagnosed by a fellow gardner friend! The very BEST remedy is a partial jar of Vicks Vapour Rub with 2-3 tsp of table salt mixed in. Apply to chigger bites and swelling will go down in just a few hours and the itching literally disappears! Apply as needed......

To avoid chiggers all together, apply Deep Woods Off before doing gardening or entering weeds, shower IMMEDIATELY when done. Also, I always wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and every time!

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Thanks to you, my gardner friend may not suffer as much. I proposed my own thinking on this, Jean: Calamine lotion and sodium bicarbonate. He seemed happier at a meeting, last evening.

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