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Jacques Redou

Go to Tractor Supply or Wal Mart and buy

some RUBBER BOOTS. In Chigger season keep them by the back door. Before you go outside - put the boots on, THEN Put a LITTLE BIT of PETROLEUM JELLY on your finger and rub a THIN LINE of Petroleum Jelly about 3 INCHES below the top of the boots, ALL THE WAY AROUND. This way you can still grab the top of the boots without messing up the jelly. THE CHIGGERS CRAWL UP THE BOOTS AND GET STUCK IN THE PETROLEUM JELLY AND CANNOT BITE YOU. Wipe it off when you get back

to the house with a paper towel and throw the towel in a zip lock bag.


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wow that sounds awesome. im gonna try that


This is GENIUS!!! Mostly, because its SO SIMPLE! LOL Common sense solutions seems to have gotten lost in this current society.

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