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Donna Z

I live in south-central Missouri, on a cattle ranch, and I get into chiggers at least twice a year. I am sensitive to the bite and have a really hard time, itching day and night and marked around my ankles and lower legs with nasty-looking sores.

The kids in the area told me to take a hot soapy shower, then 'scratch'em 'til they're raw, put hairspray on them, and get ready to dance'.

I don't know if the bitesgo away any faster, but it does stop the itching.

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That's smart. All you are doing is setting up an infection.


that's good, but I take it a bit farther here in oklahoma. i rub em real hard, just a itchin n a scratchin till theyre good n bloody, then I wrap a special poultice of WD40, vaseline jelly, gasoline, and a little lavendar oil, for four to six hours, keep real tight. works like a charm.


Scratching them like crazy in a very hot bath works well too. I have never sprayed the hair spray on. I know after I scratch them raw under the water, they are gone and do not itch anymore.


i have to second the infection comment. that is just asking for a serious infection!!!!! YUCK!


didnt work!!!!!!!!!!


Hairspray, WD40 and/or Lysol are very toxic and stooopid things to put on yourself! Especially after scratching the chigger bite RAW? Jeez Louise! Very bad ideas. All those products are absorbed into your skin, and then into your bloodstream, don't you know that??


Don't know if it will work.... the scratch till raw & spray hair spray on them & get ready to dance....but I bout died laughing at this remedy & the ones that tried it..... it sure took my mind off the chigger itch.....Oh don't smoke while spraying yourself with hair spray or you won't have to worry about the chiggers anymore...ever!! (no,I don't smoke)


I tried the hairspray and it did not help at all....


this has GOT to be a joke. i have chigger bites for the second time this summer (i'm addicted to camping/hiking and apparently out in VA and MD, they're immuned to DEET *sigh*). i stock up on hydrocortisone and take some benedryl to knock me out. i also where shorts (pants further irritate the bites around the ankles). there's not much else you can do but wait. scratching only leads to infection and potential scarring. the fact that there are idiots out there who didn't have the common sense NOT to do this is almost sad. i feel your desperation people, but use your head.


The reason why she is using the hairspray is because most if not all hairsprays sold in stores contain Alcohol which actually sanitizes the area. This burning is great because it means that you are drying out the area. Most chiggers drop off of the skin shortly after biting. The common 'Wives Tale' Remedy which uses nail polish works, only because the nail polish contains the acetone which ultimately dries the sores. I actually used nail polish remover with acetone and shortly after dabbing it on the sores, the oil started coming out! But She is right, get ready to dance, because it stings!

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