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I dont know what to do. Im 15 years old never been sexually active , never douched , never stuck anything up there. Ive tried to go see a doctor but i dont really have anyone to take me. Its like a nnasty fishy odor coming from my private pparts ,and ive even been bullied because oother people could smell it . I dont knoe what to do , its embarassing . No matter how hard or gentle i wash down there it doesnt go away . Ive tried tea tree oil, baking soda , apple cider vinager. I dont want to spend my money o something that wont work , so can someone give me a way to get rid of it that will work. Im really tired of being talked about it because of it , so please help me.

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I hope you're able to see this message Please buy this product, I know the desperation you're going through. I had it for 8 years. This product work for me. Here is the name "PH-feminine health support, boric acid vaginal suppositories 600 mg". You will find this on Amazon. I really hope it helps you, this product has giving me my life back, just type in the whole name on amazon :)


btw I submitted both comments above I don't want you to think I'm a fake person. Just try it and comment here, let me know. GD luck :)


Go to the doctor. Until then you could just wear tampons. Since the smell and discharge are coming from inside of your vagina, tampons should keep you from having any discharge and block off the scent.


I really feel your pain sweetheart, I have been talked about and made fun of because of the odor as well. I recommend that you get someone to take you to the doctor as soon as possible. Since you are not sexually active, it may simply be a bacterial infection. It could also be that your pH is off balance, which could be the result of an infection, strong soaps, or body washes. Something may have upset your pH and that's what's causing the smell. Try not to use scented soaps, body washes, or powders. If you do get some of theses products make sure that they are pH balanced. Try eating some yogurt daily in the mean time, you can also soak a tampon in yogurt and insert it in your vagina for at least 30 mins a day. If your pH is off this will help to restore good bacteria in your vagina and help with the smell. Also drink plenty of water, cut off sweets, and try a probiotic, because they also add good bacteria. Try these things until you can get to the doctor, but please go to the doctor to rule out anything serious. If everything is ok, I think these other suggestions will work to add good bacteria to balance your pH in your vagina, if you do it consistently it should get rid of the smell. I pray for this to work out for you. I will check back to see if it has helped. I trust that God will fix it.


For me ladies, the ONE thing that's WOKRED is simply taking a Garlic pill EVERYDAY. Just ONE pill a day adn the smell is gone! I've been free of smell for almost 3 weeks now. GARLIC PILLS WORK! Think about this...if fresh garlic inserted into your vagina at the very begining of a yeast infection can adn will CURE it, then im assuming the same thing works for BV. My grandmother used to swallow a small garlic clove everyday. I cant do that lol! So im stickig to my pills. Trust me girls! I'm FINALLY BV free!!


Hello, I've also been suffering from BV, had anti biotics and its returned. I've tried to get the ph-feminine boric acid vaginal suppositories off amazon, U.K. Site is sold out, not sure when they getting anymore, cannot ship to the uk! Does anyone have any ideas where I can get these? PLEASE.


Since you've never been to a doctor and taken the the medication, I'd suggest you find a way to do that first. My first time years ago when I was 18 went away from the medication. Now I'm 27 and had it none stop for months. I tried all the medication and it came back. After all the remedies the Boric Acid worked for me. Everyone's body is different, don't give up and try new things. Of course make sure there is research on it and it's safe. I'm sorry you are so young and dealing with this. Thankfully as you get older and have good people in your life, you will have support and help with such things. Good luck


Try IBGARD peppermint oil tablets I started taking them for ibs caused by taking too many metronidazole pills over the last 16 yrs of this horrid bv. I'm not sure how it works but for some reason it has so far and it's been 2 months.


Dear, we all feel your pain here. It is very upsetting to go through something like this. I tell you what has worked for me. The cure has not been total as it comes back when I am not using it but at least I know there is something to keep things at bay. First try not to insert things on your vagina more than once a month, for example yogurt tampon, Because even if you are very careful and sterilize everything you can still get an infection from doing so. I usually use clear gloves when trying to insert anything in there as your fingers still carry bacteria as much as you wash it. But really what helped me was to wash with water and sea salt and insert a vitamin c tablet for at least 3 days or on your worst days. It is true that some brands might give you a burning sensation , I had this with the first brand I bought but decided to change for a different one, and have no itching or burning sensation. You do not have to put a tampon, just make sure you use a pad for the day you are using it. Make sure doesn't contain any sugar. Along with it, do as the lady above said, take 1 pure garlic tablet, and 1 vitamin D a day. You will see the difference. It is unfortunate that you are going through something like this and I feel for you as I have a daughter your age. So my advise to you would also be to not despair. Accept that you are going through as it makes it much harder if you actually get so stressed about this that might take you to the point of depression. Don't do it. I can tell you this. I HAVE MET MY CURRENT PARTNER JUST BEFORE I GOT BV, AND STILL DECIDED I WASNT GOING TO LET THIS MESS UP MY LIFE. WITH THE TIPS I GIVE YOU HERE I AM BEING ABLE TO MANAGE THE PROBLEM AND WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR A YEAR AND SOON TO MARRY. So keep living your life and don't let this get in the way of anything you might want to do.Good luck

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