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Anal warts

hello im a 26 gay muslim living in ALGERIA. 4 months ago ive noticed 2 bloody warts on the high area of my anus i immediately went to google and oh my god when i saw the pictures i was mortified, ive never heard of HPV before or anal warts and imagine having this in a muslim society its just i cant even explain it ..i went to a doctor and he confirmed it was warts and asked me if i was gay ...he was very nice actually .. see im the type of HOT boys ( not to brag) that never had these kind of problems ive never imagined in my entire life having this shit on my ass.. so he said u need a laser removal and we only have one doctor in my town that do it and guess what he's our family doctor so there's no way that i go and see him.. i started searching for home remedies and found this ACV + garlic + green clay mixture .. i tired it . one of the warts fell of but the other stuck there and 1 month and a half later oh my god the horror they spread all over my anus in tiny warts since then i kept using the green clay diluted in water of course every night it seems that it keeps them small .. i dont know what to do im sick of them ..i think of suicide me please.

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Unfortunately I went through exactly the same as you. I tried to use ACV for a few days. I have never experienced such pain and discomfort. And yes a few weeks later, they spread and were all over. I them went to see a general surgeon from a hospital that is far away from my home. I understand that you may feel embarrassed but you need to see a Dr right away and get the help. I had my surgery this past Monday. I have to say I was treated with the utmost respect by the Dr and the staff at the hospital. They're professionals and deal with these issues all the time. So there's no need for you to feel anxious. Good luck.


Remember that this is not just an external sometime . You must deal with this internally and extern only. Juice lots of organic vegetables every day To boost the immune system. Drink reishi mushroom tea. Must be processed correctly and organic. I get mine from I think they only ship to the US though. Use oregano diluted with coconut oil topically and internally. I wish I could Facebook you. I'm gay and hot too ha.

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