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I have a mouth full of cavities plus a wisdom tooth growing in behind #31, which causes crazy swelling. The only that helps me EVERY TIME is pure vanilla extract. I take just enough to swish it over the hurting area for about a minute. Pain stops immediately. Imitation vanilla does not work. I've been through two whole bottles of the stuff. Need to restock because I am in PAIN!

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To the dentist, I am in need of help. I have severe pain in my left back tooth because it is broken and the nerves are exposed. I can barely talk and can't eat because of it. I have no dental insurance so I need a home remedy or something store bought that you think would help. Please give me any input you can.


You the dentist I also have severe tooth ache pain and have no insurance... No pain medicine is helping the situation.. Nothing at all.. Please help


I have a mouthful of rotting and broken teeth. Several of the teeth have nerves exposed. This has been going on for quite some time now but due to the cost of dental work I can't afford it so I am in constant agony. Aside from giving birth this is the worst pain I've ever been in. The only thing that has been helping a bit is chewing double mint gum and sticking the chewed pieces up into the sore parts. Not sure why that helps but it does give me a bit of minor relief.


Its the middle of the night my husband is in alot of pain because, of his,tooth. What can i,do to help him, i have to work tomorrow

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