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For the past half year, I've had a history with abscesses and emergency rooms. I've had enough. Recently, I grew a cyst on my lady parts and I really did not want to end up in the ER again, so I began hot sitz baths as soon as I found the little bump. It helped to prevent it from growing large in size. I also dabbed a bit of antibiotic ointment after every bath.

When the pain began to worsen and the cyst/ abscess began to point, I started soaking the area with hot green tea bags and covered it with a warmed turmeric and aloe Vera paste in a gauze. After a few hours, it began to bleed and I squeezed a bit out.

I applied some hydrogen peroxide and another round of the turmeric paste. After a few hours, the boil softened and I did a hot sitz bath with Epsom salt. I applied more turmeric after the bath and will sleep on it. Hopefully this works for some people!

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Here lately it seems like every two or more weeks i've been getting big painful boils on both butt cheeks and now butt crack.I'm using a heating pad and monprocin ointment and Epsom salt.what else can i do so i don't have to see a doctor.


Wah I've had the same thing I've been to a doctor who has squeezed it and it hurt like hell i had instant relief but it keeps flaring up and it's in such an awkward spot I don't want to go back to the doctor again

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