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Tanning either outside or in a bed. For me a tanning bed works wonders.
It dries up the pimples you have and keeps it clear and smooth (and tan)

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the reason why i have pimples was because i was tanning inside a bed, i had amazing skin one day and after i went tanning atleast 3-4 times a week, im now breaking out..


jus putting it out there but even if ppl say tanning beds are safe they really arent, they still have sum risk of giving you skin cancer so i would advise you dont go to one, even if u want that tan either go to the beach with sun tan lotion spf 60, nowadays u dont wanna risk it the ozones pretty bad, or buy that stuff in the bottle


Tanning makes pimples even worst


no offence but tanning isnt meant to get rid of your pimples, it just makes them darker with your skin and harder to see


Tanning just once every two weeks keeps my skin breakout free! works for me.

tan in florida

tanning in a bed doesnt work for ur pimples it gives u even more!!! Its because other peoples oils have been in there and get on ur skin and cause breakouts at least thais wat someone told me but tanning at the beach works for my pimples well it makes them barely noticeable


i went 2 a tanning bed n my skin was clear...i totallt broke out it was horrible it wouidnt go away


the tanning bed does help me wonderfully...


the tanning beds that are making you break out probably aren't being cleaned properly

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