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Did you guys' ever stop to think that it's the hair products and make up you guys are using? All that unnatural crap you put on is just a disaster waiting to happen. Learn to accept your natural beautiful face and hair as is instead of feeling like you are obligated to wear make up and toss on all that fancy hair products and I'm pretty darn sure most of your pimple problems wouldn't even exist post-puberty. i hate when woman over due it with their make up. Seriously, sometimes i wonder if maybe Ronald mc Donald or the Joker from batman taught them how to apply their "mask". I was like dang if u hate your face so much then just go put a paper bag over your head and don't forget to cut out circle for the eyes, nose and mouth. It's amazing how society tells you to wear makeup. Just be yourselves, the unique you that was meant to be. Plus think about all that extra money you will have in your pockets? You could take me shopping with you as a thank you lol.

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