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Soaking the affected nail(s) with distilled vinegar kills off the fungus rather quickly. Apply daily after bathing and let the vinegar dry thoroughly before dressing.

Apparently the fungus doesn't like the shift in pH that comes with the use of the vinegar.

After a friend managed to get a fungus growing under her fingernails from a bad manicure I suggested using vinegar. The 'cure' only required about a week. Toenails, being thicker, seem to take a bit longer.

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PS: I checked with my friend who managed to get a fingernail fungus and found out it wasn't just the manicure, but the use of fake nails glued over her natural nails that got the fungus started.

In any case, she ridded herself of it quickly with the distilled vinegar treatment of a 5 minute soak each day for about a week.

She told me she suggested it to a friend with toe fungus and it worked there, too. The person soaked small squares of paper towel with distilled vinegar and put it on top of each affected nail for about 5 minutes twice a day.


You can soak a cotton ball and place it on top of your toes.


I have been trying to get rid of toe fungus with all kinds of stuff....vicks vapor, all kinds of solutins and it seems that it's not working. I just bought FUNGOID TINCTURE and thanks to your suggestions with vinegar I hope I get rid of it soon..thanks!!!


Using distilled vinegar with bandaids seems to be a pretty good way to keep the toenail wet for a reasonable period of time.

Put the bandaid on so that the pad is on the nail. Saturate the pad with vinegar and it will stay wet with the vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

Doing this twice a day seems to be getting the job done.


5 weeks, twice daily. Doesn't work.

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