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when i was in the army we had an FTX. Basically out in the wildernes somewhere for three days no showers no sleep no real toilets and tons of chiggers especially in south carolina. When we got back i had chigger bites all on my lower legs to my anckles(the chiggers got in my boots) My drill Sgt. gave me neosporen , rubbed that on morning and night and i kept myself from scratching and the less i scratched the less it itched and they where gone in a couple of days.

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i also tried the neosporin and it did not help with the itching at all...I supose it may help with the spread of infection but, it did nothing for the itching


I live in SC and I came on here to find me a relief! I moved here from NY and now I look like I got chicken pox I have so many!! I have been on here for 3 days trying everything everyone said. Im still itching!! LOL

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