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i have to holes in both side of my mouth in my tooth and i try everything and i have no clue what to use nothing is helping and i am in a lot of pain i went to the er. and i did the mouth wash all the tooth creme and gel that the store sells nothing is working i saw someone say that if you rub the vapor rub on the side that hurts it will help it did for a little but not now i try everything if anyone no anything please let me know thank you soo much

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Go buy collodial silver swish it in your mouth for about 5 min then stick crush garlic cloves whrre tbe pain is. It does wonders


You was my hero tonight. Throbbing pain to like a dull2 in a matter of seconds. Vics rapor rub humm who knew. Thanks :)


Clove oil on tooth and gums near tooth. Helps me with the Horrible nerve pain.


Get a small piece of cotton ball, dip it in alcohol. Make sure not to soak it. Then put it in hole with a dry full size cotton ball in top of the one piece you just place in the tooth hole.Bite down for about 5 minutes. It should do the trick. Alcohol has an agent that will kill the bacteria if any and sooth the pain. Donot drink the alcohol. Try spitting, leaving the small piece of cottonball in the hole. Rinse with warm water.

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